Jim Nantz Is Serious With His Final Four Necktie Gifting Nonsense

What happens when sports media members spend too much time covering sports and not doing things like cutting their own grass, taking out the trash, shooting the shit with their neighbors over beers in the garage, cleaning out the gutters, raking leaves, picking up the dog crap in the yard and other menial jobs in the real world?
They become Jim Nantz and come up with ridiculous traditions like giving neckties to one lucky player at the national championship game. Seriously, Jim Nantz might need to eat a Snickers and get back into the real world now and then. Try drinking beers in the garage and dropping f-bombs with your buddies, Jim. This is outrageous.

You just heard what you just heard.
Jim wanted to do something to honor a senior so he started giving the senior his necktie. What? Yeah, he wants to give the senior something to take home. Like the senior will want Nantz’s tie.
You know what will solve Jim’s issues here? Picking up the dog crap in the backyard. It’ll humble the stupid right out of you. It’ll make you feel less important.
He’s been doing this since 2006-07. He said this in 2015:

“I still do that every year,” Nantz said. “It’s something I try to do after every show. It’s born out of my youth, when I used to run around and watch the broadcasters that I admired sit at the base of their tower and was just in awe of them. I thought, ‘it would be nice to take what I saw in my mind and make a bigger connection than what I got.’ And that’s not to disparage (older broadcasters). I just didn’t approach them. I was probably too timid.
“But in the championship game, it’s just kind of a tradition. It kind of started with (Florida’s) Corey Brewer (and continued with) Mario Chalmers of Kansas and Kyle Singler of Duke. It’s just something I take the pride in doing.”


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