Chris Christie Explains Sweet 16 M&M’s Eating Strategy


The governor has spoken. Chris Christie has finally explained why he went bag to box with his M&Ms last weekend while watching Notre Dame (his daughter is a student & works for the basketball team) in the Sweet 16.

Here’s the backstory for those of you who’ve been in a coma. So Chris buys plain M&Ms. As you know, they are sold by the box. But inside is a bag of M&Ms. Chris takes out the bag, pours back into the box. I know, it’s craziness, but there’s a rather logical explanation to all this.

Chris Christie explains his M&M-eating strategy, which puzzled and delighted the Internet

— The New York Times (@nytimes) March 31, 2016

So Chris goes on Boomer & Carton and ends up giving that excellent reasoning. He has a point. More from the NY Times:

But the host pressed on, saying the governor’s approach was “an interesting maneuver.”

“You get the box, you open the box, there’s a bag inside the box,” Mr. Christie explained. “Why they do it that way I have no idea, but you open up the bag, you pour the bag into the box so it’s easier to hold.”

The next question from the host was logical, if not more wisely directed at the company that manufactures M&M’s, Mars Chocolate.

Why don’t they just sell the candy in the box? Isn’t the bag superfluous?

“Listen, I run New Jersey, not M&M-Mars. I have no idea,” Mr. Christie said.

Next question: Should you be eating M&Ms?


— Nick.Manfredi (@MaNfrediNicK) March 26, 2016