Wayne Gretzky At Bieber Show, Empty Seats At USMNT Game & Rob Ryan At Sub Shop

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I hope you watched LeBron last night during the Rockets-Cavs game

It was good to finally see LeBron acting as player-coach of this team. It finally came out. He finally revealed that this is indeed his team, his players, likely his final chance to win a title for Cleveland. He coached up the players during timeouts. He coached during the game right next to Tyronn Lue. The players didn’t really seem to listen. And then the Rockets came back with a 35-16 4th quarter to win in Cleveland. LeBron’s now 0-1 as the official Cavs player-coach.

Numbers fromĀ @ESPNStatsInfo:

During the Rockets’ 64-38 closing run, they outscored the Cavs 32-8 in the paint.

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