Tony Romo Wore His Pizza Hut Hat – Again – This Time To Springsteen Show


You don’t have to worry about Tony Romo being one of those athletes who pisses away all his money on dumb things like jewelry and clothes. This guy won’t stop wearing the Pizza Hut hat he got for making that 2015 Super Bowl commercial where his line is “not again.”

Romo was wearing the hat again Monday night at the Bruce Springsteen show where he was celebrating Jason Garrett’s 50th birthday along with the other member of the Three Amigos – Jason Witten.

For some reason Tony Romo, Jason Witten and Jason Garrett were at the @springsteen show tonight at MSG

— Yaron Weitzman (@YaronWeitzman) March 29, 2016

The Romo Pizza Hut hat:


9 days ago at a Mavs game:


16 days ago at the grocery (looks a little darker, might be the lighting)


A month ago at a Texas basketball game:


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