Is Daniel Ochefu Of Villanova Actually Greg Oden’s Son?



Now, I’m going to get destroyed for this, but I guarantee this becomes a storyline on Saturday while Twitter is watching the Kansas-Villanova game. Is ¬†actually Greg Oden’s son? This was a legit question last night on Twitter and I’m just running with it.

Am I doing it for pageviews? Of course. Is this the kind of shit guys talk about at the bar on a Saturday night while they’re wasted? Yes, so quit being a pussy and go with it. Debate it. Do something other than being a pissed off white guy for once. Laugh a little, you miserable pricks.

Greg Oden’s son had a big night against Miami. He went 7-of-11 from the field for 17 points.

Daniel Ochefu Greg Oden

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Greg Oden heart breaker

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