Meet Taylor Schippers – Thomas Walkup’s Girlfriend


Thomas Walkup Girlfriend Taylor Schippers Stephen F. Austin

Thomas Walkup is the Stephen F. Austin player who looks like a cross between Bryce Harper and a Brooklyn hipster. He’s also the guy who’s had a huge NCAA Tournament, first against West Virginia when he dropped 33 on the Mountaineers and now today against Notre Dame where he has 8 points and 3 assists at halftime.

How great is life right now for this Texan hipster bro? He’s also dating Taylor Schippers, a Stepen F. Austin basketball player who just finished her senior seasonĀ as the team’s 2nd leading scorer – 11 PPG.

Now it’s her boyfriend just dominating the tourney, even getting a tweet out of an impressed Mike Stud. Combine the beard, the hair and throw in an upset and you have the hero we all need in the tourney.


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