Mike Trout is Anti-Bat Flip

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The prevailing storyline during spring training has been this divide between players who want to show some emotion (Bryce Harper, Yoenis Cespedes, Jose Bautista) and those who want to maintain baseball’s uptight unwritten rules (Sergio Romo, Goose Gossage).

Ol’ Goose has been losing his shit over this debate over the past week, telling the NY Post that baseball versions of Cam Newton are basically his worst nightmare.

The best player in the game, Mike Trout, weighed in on this topic in an interview with the Los Angeles Times, and in not-so-shocking news, we won’t be seeing any bat flips from him:

“I just keep it the same,” Trout said. “I don’t try to show anybody up. Whatever somebody else does, that’s what they do.”

“I go out there and try to respect the game. I go out there and play. My parents always taught me to be humble.”

And he actually sides with pitchers!

“As a pitcher, I’d be pretty upset,” Trout said.

If you follow Trout at all, you kind of have to be expecting this stance from him — the guy is B-O-R-I-N-G.

I’m an Angels fan and I love the guy, but let’s be real, his most exciting non-baseball headlines involve him geeking out over the weather. Millionaire athletes just don’t call into the goddamn Weather Channel on their downtime.

It is worth noting that there is one thing Trout isn’t above: mocking Fernando Rodney’s arrow celebration.

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