Cody Kessler Lands Hot Ukrainian Model Girlfriend Valeriya Kuklishyna

You have to give quarterback Cody Kessler credit. The guy locked down a hot Ukrainian model girlfriend named Valeriya Kuklishyna while his draft stock continues to plummet. It looks like he’ll go late in the 7th or be a undrafted free agent. This might be the move of the year right here. Kuklishyna probably doesn’t understand the draft process. Like she has any idea about the NFL Combine process where Kessler checked in with a massive hand (10 7/8) but his height (6’1″) is a concern to the draft nerds.
CBS says: Kessler has moments where it is easy to like him on tape, but the traits and tape look more like those of a good, career backup than playoff starter.
Valeriya probably thinks Kessler’s about to become this multi-millionaire with his face all over ESPN.
This is why this is a brilliant time for NFL draft hopefuls to lock-in that hot girlfriend. There’s all this excitement. The drama is intense. She thinks you’re about to get drafted by the Rams and that you’ll be around while she’s doing modeling shoots.
The bad news is that you’ll likely be unemployed by the end of August. Then you’ll just be another guy trying to start an actual career. Gotta take advantage of this stardom while it shines.
[Valeriya Kuklishyna – IG]

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