There’s A Distracting Rack Behind The Wild Bench



Update: I’m told that’s a Wild hat. The ‘W’ and red threw me off. I’m just used to that being Wisconsin. Anyway, we now know this Wild fan is Alyssa Anderson. Thanks to Ryan R. for that tip. She claims to be a professional gambler and cat lover. More photos below.

Gotta put this out there so Wisconsin boobs is famous by tomorrow morning when I get out of bed. One of you knows her. No way she just randomly got that seat. Let me know a name.

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In case you care, the Oilers beat the Wild 2-1. Maybe the Wild weren’t focused.

You might remember that this isn’t the first time IG-type models have made an impression at a Wild game. That’s where Alyssa Nelson got her start. She was the “whoop his ass Charlie,” phenom back in 2014.



[Alyssa Anderson – IG]