Texas High School One Hurdle Away From Building $50.3 Million Football Stadium

I know, I know…it’s not as big as the $60 million stadium – with 18,000 seats – that was built in Allen, Texas. You know, the high school stadium that was plagued by cracks and other structural problems. Yeah, the one that wasn’t used in 2014 because of those issues.
But the McKinney school district is closing in on the final funding hurdle before starting work on a $50.3 million, 12,000 seat beast that’ll be part of a $200 million funding package that will also allow the school to build an attached “events center” and other upgrades to the school, including a new auditorium.
According to the Dallas Morning News, the school is one hurdle away from turning dirt.

The school board is scheduled to vote on the proposed project March 17, ahead of the May 7 bond election. Because the district has retired old debt, a 2-cent lower tax rate is assumed even with passage.
Last week, a bond committee — which includes about 100 community members, parents, staff and students — presented its recommendations to the board.

Folks, this is going to happen. The high school football stadium arms race in Texas is alive and well.

Meanwhile, dirt was turned in February to start the construction of a $61M football stadium in Katy, Texas – the most expensive high school stadium build in United States – where the team will play in a 12,000 seat stadium that will feature amenities usually reserved for the Big 5 college football stadiums.
This place was going to cost $69 million before voters rejected that plan.


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