Meet Bailey Bunnell – Grayson Allen’s Girlfriend

Grayson Allen's Girlfriend - 1

It’s a March Madness tradition around BC. We find a girlfriend of a star player — usually a white guy, because Nantz will lust over that white guy for like three weeks, and, if at all possible, the player should be from Duke – and turn his girlfriend into an Internet superstar.

This year we’re jumping on the Bailey Bunnell bandwagon. Her boyfriend is none other than trippy Dookie bad boy Grayson Allen. You love him (if you’re a fake Duke fan) and you hate him if you’re from the 99.6% of America that hates Duke. That makes Grayson Allen the perfect subject for March Madness because Jim Nantz always hitches a ride with the good looking bad boys from Duke. The hair is irresistable for Nantz. The tradition. Coach K. The winning percentage.

Add it all up and Bailey Bunnell has to be your breakout star of March Madness 2016. She’s a cobra surrender on CBS late on Thursday night away from superstardom.

What do we know about Ms. Bunnell?

• She goes to South Carolina

• She’s in a sorority

• She’ll RT pretty much anything that has to do with Grayson