Minnesota High School Game Goes 4 Overtimes, Includes 3 Buzzer-Beaters, Ends 103-100


Ever see a high school game take four overtimes and include three buzzer-beaters, including one from more than 3/4 court that would, by itself, be up for shot of the year in high school basketball?

Now you have and you won’t believe your eyes over what went down this week between Waseca and Marshall in a Minnesota high school game that will be talked about for generations. In fact, don’t be shocked when this is turned into a movie and it becomes the next great sports movie.

This has to be seen to be believed. Normally I don’t get excited over viral stories that sports blogs act like it’s a big deal when it’s really not. Trust me on this one. Just watch.

Waseca now moves on to the Minnesota AAA state tournament.

Buzzer-Beater No. 1

Buzzer-Beater No. 2

Buzzer-Beater No. 3…the game-winner!

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