Jeff Bagwell Is Looking Better Than The Last Time I Saw Him

The last time we saw Jeff Bagwell around the Astros, he was sitting in the first row behind home plate where his drunk girlfriend was putting on a show for the TV viewers. Jeff was looking a little tired and not the least bit annoyed by his funbag’d girlfriend trying to kiss him.
Today, Jeff resurfaced at Astros camp to help with some of the young guys. Of course he still has the post-baseball beer gut like most guys have at 47. It’s nothing that a XXL won’t hide.

It’s still hard to believe that Bagwell was able to make $128,134,019 during his career that ended in 2006. His final years of $16M, $18M & nearly $20M were insane in the mid-00s. This guy had one of the sneaky insane careers in baseball history. Now the only time he pops up is at Spring Training, behind home plate with his drunk girlfriend and random restaurant sightings where he looks wasted.
Big fan of Bags. Guy definitely parties. Hard.


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