Flyers Hat Trick Bra Grandma Speaks, Will Throw Thong Next Time


On Wednesday, I told you about the Flyers grandma who threw her leopard bra on the ice during a game this week after Brayden Schenn went hat trick on the Calgary Flames in a 5-3 Philly victory. Of course Flyers Grandma was in demand by Philly media.

Breakfast on Broad found Anne Duggan, put a mic on her and the rest is history. Anne is your usual Philly 80-year-old grandma. She doesn’t mince words. She’s honest. Brash. Cocky. Etc.

We learned that Anne came up with the bra thing as some sort of protest of the Flyers Ice Girls. She wants some eye candy cleaning up the hats after a hat trick. There’s also chatter about Anne bringing a thong to throw the next time.

What’s her family think of all this? “They think I’m nuts,” Anne said. Nah, you’re not nuts, you’re just a genius. Do you, Anne.

Grandma Throws Leopard Print Bra Onto Ice At Flyers Game
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