Tony Romo Curses Longhorns, Super Tuesday Mania & Shaka Smart Gun Fingers


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Super Tuesday

If you thought watching the last Republican debate was a must-watch, buckle up. The news shows tonight are going to be nuts. Will punches be thrown on the Anderson Cooper show or on Fox News? That’s the big question today. I’m actually going to Costco later today and getting popcorn. No joke, I’m sitting down and watching this drama play out from the couch with a giant bowl of Skinny Pop. You saw the Secret Service guy choke slam a Time photographer on Monday. That’s just a preview of what this might turn into. We’re way overdue for a fight on live TV. I’m talking Republican strategist vs. Republican strategist. The blood is boiling. Stay tuned.

Numbers fromĀ @RJinVegas:

Betting odds say now has a 75% chance win the Republican nomination!

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