Tebow’s Looking Frail & Roasted (Those Are His Sisters)



Couple of things came up when I saw this photo that Tebow posted this week from the beach with his sisters, his brother Robbie and some other guy I don’t know.

  1. Tebow’s football career is officially over. The guy looks like he’s lost every bit of upper body muscle mass that we used to know. No pecs. This guy must be on the LeBron paleo diet where you look like you need a burger, but you’re ripped and then women go nuts over your abs.
  2. Tebow’s face. What the hell is going on here? Dude is just getting burnt to a crisp. That’s not like Tebow to let his face get burnt. The guy is normally prepared, focused and not burnt to a crisp. Very odd.

And yes, that’s Tebow’s sister Katie (far right). You might remember back in October when I wrote that I think she’s trying to tell us something. Katie might be back on the market if you know what I mean.

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