Kinda Gross: Dodgers P Josh Ravin Shows Off His Broken Arm


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On Monday, Dodgers pitcher Josh Ravin sustained a broken arm after a car crash in Arizona.

According to the LA Times’ Andy McCullough, the 28-year-old reliever broke his left radius, which obviously isn’t great. But the good news for Ravin: it’s his non-throwing arm.

Ravin took to Twitter today to share the damage to his arm:

Lookin' like Harry Potters wand.#Abracadabra

— Josh Ravin™ (@Freshsqueezed71) March 1, 2016

TMZ spoke to Ravin about the incident, and he revealed he was going just 20 mph when the crash occurred. He’ll need to have screws inserted and will be out six-eight weeks.


The news really can’t be worse for a guy who’s trying to crack the roster, but he’s being a good sport about the whole ordeal:

It can ALWAYS be worse.#blessed

— Josh Ravin™ (@Freshsqueezed71) March 1, 2016

Thank you all for the well wishes!
It's definitely a tough break… ; )

— Josh Ravin™ (@Freshsqueezed71) March 1, 2016

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