DiCaprio’s New Girlfriend, Bosa Attacks & Fred Couples Selling His House


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I covered this in the Morning Screencaps. You better be watching CNN & Fox tonight for Super Tuesday drama. Someone’s going to get punched. It’s just a matter of time. There’s also Spring Training baseball on MLB today. You know what that means…time to fight with MLB over six second Vines. Want to know why I don’t even bother with baseball coverage? Because I don’t want to deal with MLB lawyers hassling me ever other day. It’s not worth it.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s new girlfriend

You might want to take a look at Asian golfer Shin-Ae Ahn

Bosa attacks….Twitter critics

More news on LeBron James’ stepfather being a mess

UNC cheerleader Taylor wants to be NFL cheerleader like mom

Buy Fred Couples’ dump – $3.95M

Florida: Drunk couple, Steak ‘N Shake drive-thru…what could go wrong?

Meet Katie from Cal Poly

Everyone Piling On LeBron Vine of the Day


Sandwich of the Day

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