Shane Lowry Drops Two Solid F-Bombs After Hitting A Tee Shot Into The Water At The Honda Classic

We all know the feeling of hitting one into the water. You’re on the 15th tee box, probably 8-9 beers deep at the point, and the shank one directly into the water. And what do you do? You drop a few hard F-bombs and release your anger verbally.
Shane Lowry is just like all of us.

The Bear Trap hasn’t exactly been friendly to people this weekend at the Honda Classic. 11 players have hit the water.
Smylie Kaufman with the Bo Jackson club snap:

Your leader Adam Scott yesterday:
[protected-iframe id=”6b3a27a4589caeb1e34d7a9aef39eda1-22577676-58132778″ info=”hash” class=”twitter-video”]
[h/t TBL]

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