Spurs Silver Dancers: Hottest Photos of the Cheerleading Squad

The Golden State Warriors have been busy rampaging the NBA this season, but if anyone can stop them, it’s the San Antonio Spurs, right? Gregg Popovich is the Bill Belichick of basketball, so there has to be some master key to unlock the Stephen Curry code.
Maybe he’ll find a way to slow down the pace with his two bigs, or just stick Kawhi Leonard on Steph and hope for the best. Those Spurs guys having something up their sleeves — we’ll just have to wait and find out.
Regardless, the team is set for another deep playoff run, which means another postseason appearance is in store the Spurs Silver Dancers.
If you want to book the Silver Dancers for an appearance, you can do so on their site (must be within 75 miles):

Silver Dancer, Team Energy, Ice Girl and Star Squad appearances are an essential part of Spurs Sports & Entertainment’s (San Antonio Spurs, San Antonio Stars, San Antonio Rampage, Silver & Black Give Back – formerly the Spurs Foundation, Austin Spurs, and the AT&T Center) community outreach efforts and provide our dancers’ the opportunity to positively impact San Antonio and surrounding areas. If you are interested in having a Silver Dancer, Ice Girl or Star Squad dancer make an appearance at your event, please read and submit.

You can check out the hottest photos of the team in the gallery below.
[Spurs Silver Dancers- IG]

Timberwolves Dancers: Hottest Photos Of The Cheerleading Squad
Timberwolves Dancers: Hottest Photos Of The Cheerleading Squad
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