Rex Ryan Busts Out Commie CCCP Russian Hockey Jersey For Mexican Night


Who knew Rex Ryan supports Communist Russia hockey? Here I thought the guy was just a big fan of jerseys and his jersey didn’t include the commie Russians sweater worn during the Cold War. Rex pulled this ugly piece of history out of the closet for a recent Mexican night at Don Juan’s in Buffalo, according to boots on the ground.

The Russians wore this style of jersey in 1972 during the Summit Series, which the Canadians won, and is now considered by some one of the five greatest moments in Canadian history.



You can buy the 1972 CCCP jersey for $75.


Rex Ryan is on record saying that he’s a jersey collector. Here’s one that he busted out in 2014 for dinner with his wife.

rex-ryan-griswold-1 rex-ryan-griswold-2

Of course there’s a Sabres jersey in the Rex collection.


Rex Ryan also wears soccer jerseys on vacation.