Memphis Grizz Girls: Hottest Photos Of The Cheerleading Squad

If the Memphis Grizzlies’ era of Grit ‘N Grind basketball is truly coming to an end, at least they’re going out with a bang.
Marc Gasol is out for the season after undergoing foot surgery, so what do the Grizzlies do at the trade deadline? Trade for Lance ****ing Stephenson and Chris Andersen and put them on a team that already has Matt Barnes (you know his deal), Tony Allen, and Zach Randolph. Like five of the craziest dudes in the NBA can be on the floor at the same time on this team.
We’re really pulling for these guys to drop to the eight seed so they can give the Golden State Warriors some hell in the first round. Or, you know, this could just be a total disaster and the team self implodes. (It’s a win-win situation for the casual fan either way.)
But the basketball theatrics are just one part of the Grizzlies experience, as they also have their Grizz Girls to keep the entertainment flowing during breaks.
You can check out the hottest photos of the team in the gallery below, or go to if you want to check them out individually.
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