Whitney Ward Crushes Daytona 500, Delonte West Looking Good & Verlander’s Birthday

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Made a major business decision on Sunday

I actually paid the $3.99 for the NASCAR in-car radio service via the NASCAR app. I know some of you guys thought I was being paid by NASCAR for all those Daytona 500 tweets. Not only did I not get paid for the tweets, I paid NASCAR the $4 to listen to spotters for three hours and watch in-car video. It’s a game-changer. I can actually hear what kind of strategy these teams are using in realtime. I listened to the race headset last summer at the June Michigan race and it opened up a whole new world. Now I can listen to the same thing while I’m on the couch not getting toasted by the sun. Now I just need a NASCAR heel to follow. One of these guys needs to go evil now that Tony Stewart’s career is on fumes.

Numbers fromĀ @SportsTaxMan:

Last summer Pelicans signed Anthony Davis to a 5 year $145,000,000 ext. He will make an average of $353,659 per regular season game.