Cavalier Girls: Hottest Photos of the Cheerleading Squad

It has to be a total bummer to root for the Cleveland Cavaliers (or any Cleveland sports franchise). Yes, the team is on its way towards another Eastern Conference Championship, but you can’t help but think about the Golden State Warriors ruining everything once again. There are just too many things preventing this team from getting over the hump: Tyronn Lue, Kevin Love, thinking Channing Frye is the answer, etc.
However, at least “The Land” will always have their Cavalier Girls. They are described a “precision dance troupe” whose sole goal is to make you forget about K-Love playing phantom defense.
Oh, and they also have 2016-17 swimsuit calendar on sale for a respectable $10:

The calendar features 18-months (January 2016-June 2017) of stunning photographs of 20 Cavalier Girls on high-gloss 11”x 14” poster-like pages. The women are featured posing at magnificent properties across Northeast Ohio, embracing the strength and beauty of the region.
“We are beyond excited to showcase our beautiful, talented dancers while highlighting some of Northeast Ohio’s most gorgeous backdrops,” said Emily Smith, Cavaliers Director of Dance and Entertainment Teams, who oversaw the swimsuit calendar project.

You can check out the hottest photos of the dance team in the gallery below.
[Cavalier Girls- IG]

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Brooklynettes: Hottest Photos of the Cheerleading Squad
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