Boston Celtics Dancers: Hottest Photos of the Cheerleading Squad

If you’re a Boston Celtics fan, you’re probably pretty damn happy right now. The team has ascended to third place in the Eastern Conference, Brad Stevens has turned out to be a godsend at coach, and Danny Ainge is just waiting to trade all the draft picks he’s amassed for a superstar. Kevin Love, Al Horford, Blake Griffin — nothing is out of the question.
But even if the trade market doesn’t pan out, fans will probably live with their current team that literally doesn’t die. It doesn’t really make sense considering their best player is like 5’9”, but hey, it’s working for the moment.
Oh, and they also have a top-notch cheerleading team in the Celtics Dancers. 16 women have to keep the energy flowing during the intermissions.
Information about the 2015-16 Celtics Dancers:

The 2015-16 season marks the tenth in which the Celtics Dancers have provided entertainment at TD Garden. This season’s crew, comprised of 16 girls from around the country, will perform at every home game and make off-the-court appearances at other Celtics events throughout the season.

You can check out the hottest photos of the dance team in the gallery below.
[Celtics Dancers- IG]

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Raptors Dance Pak: Hottest Photos of the Cheerleading Squad
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