Delmon Young's Girlfriend Hacks His Facebook, Says He Spent Valentine's Day With Prostitute

Delmon Young’s girlfriend Yuli Alfonso doesn’t seem happy with what went down on Valentine’s Day and she got revenge by hacking Delmon’s Facebook account and blasting him for spending the day with a prostitute and claiming he’s addicted to alcohol and paid tail.
These aren’t the best of times for Delmon, who is a free agent headed into the 2016 season. He was arrested earlier this month for threatening to kill a Miami valet attendant.
From the police report in that incident:

Young grabbed the attendant’s neck and began to choke him after the attendant did not allow him into an elevator to a club at the Brickell hotel. The report also stated that Young yelled racial slurs at the attendant. Police then went to Young’s residence, where according the the report he “was unsteady on his feet and spoke with slurred speech.”

Now he might’ve gone on a prostitute bender. Let’s just say Yuli Alfonso might want to find a new boyfriend.

Delmon Young’s girlfriend Yuli Alfonso

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