Buy This Philadelphia Eagles Tailgate Bus — $2,800


The Philadelphia Eagles are in for a huge offseason as they try to rebuild from the Chip Kelly Experience. In no particular order, they need a quarterback (we’re hoping for a Sam Bradford-Nick Foles QB competition), wide receivers and defensive backs.

But the offseason spending spree isn’t limited to just the team. No. Fans who want to get back on the bandwagon can also make a splash of their own in the Ford Eagles tailgate bus above.

Details from the seller:

We are selling our 1985 Ford E350 tailgate bus. More pics to come or I can provide a video tour via text, but she has laminate floors 6 seats a bench with extra storage, and additional shelving in the rear.

The engine was rebuilt about 4 years ago and we’ve only put about 1k miles on it since we bought it.

The bus runs, but it does have some minor issues. It does however get us up and back for every game that we take it up. I’d be happy to discuss it with you.

If the Eagles graffiti wasn’t enough to entice you, there’s also a massive Brian Dawkins tribute on the other side of the bus:


The massive Budweiser logo is an interesting choice, but we all know that probably has Peyton Manning’s seal of approval.