Molly Qerim: Hottest Photos Of ESPN First Take Host

Who Is ESPN First Take Host

Molly Qerim’s job as ESPN First Take host is to lob softball questions to Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless that were perfectly crafted during a production meeting before the show. Molly knows that Stephen A. will normally fall on one side of the debate, while Skip will take the contrarian view. And this goes on over and over and over again.

Qerim’s job is to sit there and let the two seasoned vets spout their viewpoints for what feels like a predetermined amount of time. Then the other guy gets a turn. At some point Qerim will throw it to a commercial or throw out another softball question. And that’s it. That’s her job on one of ESPN’s highest rated shows. In September 2015, with Qerim sitting between Screamin’ and Skip, the show had just come off its best ratings August ever.

Qerim, 30, came from NFL Network where her main job was hosting NFL AM. She’s also had stints at FS1, NBCSN, a previous stop at ESPN and CBS Sports Network.