Golden State Warriors Dance Team: Hottest Photos of the Cheerleading Squad

Warriors Dance Team Photos

After countless years of NBA torture, Golden State Warriors fans randomly have it all — to an extreme degree. Stability in Stephen Curry’s ankles have led the guy down the path of best shooter ever, Draymond Green is a revolutionary player who can defend all positions, etc., etc.

Basically, everything with this team is magic. Remember all the potential that everyone thought Shaun Livingston lost after his catastrophic knee injury with the Clippers? Yeah, dude is suddenly a key role player on this team who never gets hurt. Go figure.

And their dance team? They’re fire as well, folks. When the games go to commercial break, these 21 women keep the floor scorching hot.

If you’re a Silicon Valley nerd who needs to spice up a workday, the Warriors Dance Team is available for appearances:

In their 29th year as an explosive and valuable entity of the Golden State Warriors’ in-game entertainment, the Warriors Dance Team are a magnificent blend of energy, beauty and most of all talent. In addition to providing in-game entertainment, the Warriors Dance Team also play a key role as ambassadors for the organization. The dancers are heavily involved in the team’s community outreach programs and have performed throughout the United States and across the globe.

Non-Profit Organization/ Charity: $75 per dancer, per hour
Private Parties/ Corporate Functions: $200 per dancer, per hour

Check out the hottest photos of the Warriors Dance Team in the gallery below.

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