Laker Girls: Hottest Photos of the Cheerleading Squad

Laker Girls Cheerleaders photos

You have to hand it to the Lakers. Despite a horrific year of basketball, they’re still putting butts in overpriced seats thanks to Kobe Bryant’s Farewell Tour. The people of LA just love themselves some Kobe, and that’s really all they’re getting with Byron Scott cracking the whip at D’Angelo Russell and Julius Randle.

Seriously, the Laker Girls probably get more time on the hardwood than those rooks, and while Lakers fans hate it, we’re not mad at all. Give the choice of old-ass Kobe jacking contested threes or 20 women working it, you take the Laker Girls every time.

Much like the Heat dancers, the Laker Girls also carry some esteem and prestige themselves. Their list of notable alumni includes: Paula Abdul, Moon Bloodgood (actress), and Vanessa Curry (former Pussycat Doll).

In case you’re interested in seeing more them, they have their own show one Time Warner called “Laker Girls:”

Laker Girls provides an in-depth profile of the making of the Laker Girls squad and its members. Fans learn first-hand about the fierce competition to make the iconic dance squad, from open call tryouts attracting more than 300 women to a behind-the-scenes peek at opening night at STAPLES Center.

Check out the hottest photos of the Laker Girls in the gallery below.

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