27 NSFW Black Dudes Analyze Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day was made for the NSFWBDs and their commentary on life. While white guys are secretly trying to figure out how to plan the perfect day for boo, the NSFWBDs are busy keeping it real, treating V-Day like any other day because that’s the life they live. I learned today that once a NSFWBD finds himself a bae, she gets treated like a queen.

There’s also some discussion within the NSFWBD community on the subject of V-Day gifts. Some say poon isn’t enough because they get that on the regular. While other NSFWBDs say that getting poon on V-Day is the only gift they want and that getting a teddy bear kills their street cred. It’s a fascinating discussion to say the least.

Dig in, there are some real good ones in here.