Peyton Manning Talks To Sad Eli On Jimmy Fallon

You have to feel sad for Sad Eli. Here he thought his legacy would be that he had more Super Bowl rings than his brother. He figured he’d always have something over his older brother. And then it happened. Peyton willed himself to another Super Bowl ring and now Eli’s legacy will be that he was stunned his brother matched him in Super Bowl 50.
Peyton went on Jimmy Fallon last night and talked to an Eli cutout about other big moments in his life like being drafted No. 1 by the Colts. He talked to the Eli cutout about his wife having twins. Peyton even talked to the stunned Eli cutout about coming back from neck surgery.

Eli remained stunned and now he can go back to being the irrelevant brother who got lucky to win two rings. Poor Eli.

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