Mark Cuban Met This Honors Student At Playboy Super Bowl Party

I learned something about Mark Cuban during Super Bowl week — he’ll take a photo with pretty much everyone that wants a photo. He even took a photo with me at his Directv party as Run DMC was about to take the stage before Red Hot Chili Peppers ripped through a fun set of the classics.
He’ll also take photos with the inflated party girls of Instagram, who jetted up to San Fran from L.A. to attend the Playboy party on Friday. One of those party girls is Nicolette Shea & she has a bloodhound nose for money. Of course she was going in for a photo with the Cubes. That pic is priceless to to IG collection.
“So good to see the #MoneyMan last night #MarkCuban,” she typed on IG, as if she’s old friends with Cubes.
I was at that Playboy party. I did not see Nicolette, but I did see Cuban making the rounds in the VIP section. The guy is everything you’ve heard about him. He actually interacts with the commoners. He poses with the IG party girls, even though he knows those pics are going to be plastered on IG.

Say what you want about Cubes, the guy is a man of the people…and the IG girls.

[Nicolette Shea – IG]

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