Cam Newton Erotica Novel Released on Amazon


Last year, author Lacey Noonan burst onto the book club scene with her smash hit, “A Gronking to Remember,” which follows a woman (Leigh) lusting over Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski. If you were into that, perhaps the latest NFL erotica release, “Dabbin’ With Cam: A Cam Newton Erotic Romance,” will float your boat.

The release of this book really couldn’t have come at a better time for Cam. The media hates him (even more) now after blowing off his postgame presser and not going after a fumble.

But with this book now on the market, maybe everyone will get lost in Caroline’s 45-page journey with the dabbing king himself.

A racy snippet from the book description:

Football’s a game of inches, but not in Cam’s case. Will Cam call an audible, and run an end around? Or will he find a new tight end? When there’s penetration in the backfield, this MVP knows you gotta stay focused and go deep.

Will he find a hole and slide it in the crease? Or will he have to stretch to get it in? Will heget it off in time?

Find out as he, COULD…GO…ALL…THE…WAY in this story about a girl finding herself, and a whole lot more with a fun filled happy ending.

At the low price of 99 cents, it’ll probably be the easiest purchase you make all day.

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