Irate Panthers Fan Really Wanted Cam Newton to Jump on that Fumble

Screen shot 2016-02-08 at 12.39.31 PM

Two big questions surround Cam Newton after getting destroyed by the Broncos:

  1. Why did he bail on his press conference?
  2. Why didn’t he try to recover his fourth quarter fumble?

In regards to the first question, we honestly don’t care — it’s a goddamn press conference. If you’re losing sleep over Cam only saying 80 words, you have a major problem.

As far question two goes, most people are at a loss over what transpired. It certainly looked bad, but we understand him wanting to avoid a Drew Brees-type injury. Members of Panthers Nation, however, aren’t having any of that. It’s the Super Bowl; they expect 100 percent from their guys.

Well, this guy did at least: