Report: Johnny Manziel Struck Colleen Crowley Multiple Times

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WFAA 8 in Dallas has the details on the Johnny Manziel-Colleen Crowley incident that occurred on Jan. 30, and boy, the news isn’t good for the current Browns quarterback.
According to the report, Manziel struck Crowley several times and threatened her (and himself):

Per News 8 Dallas, the altercation occurred at the Hotel ZaZa in Dallas after Crowley questioned Manziel about another girl:

Crowley told police Manziel “restrained” in some manner and “led” her down a back stairway to the valet area.
“I was crying and begged the valet, ‘Please don’t let him take me. I’m scared for my life!'” she told police. The valet reportedly told her, “I don’t know what to do” and let Manziel leave with her.
Sources say Manziel then drove her about a half-mile to her car, which was parked near the Concrete Cowboy bar off Cedar Springs Road. She claims she jumped out of the car and tried to hide from Manziel, but he found her in some nearby bushes.
“He grabbed me by my hair and threw me back into the car and got back in himself,” she reportedly told police. “He hit me with his open hand on my left ear for jumping out of the car. I realized immediately that I could not hear out of that ear, and I still cannot today, two days later.”
Crowley then reportedly hit Manziel several times, hoping to get out of the car, but, she told police, Manziel “threw me off of him” and she hit her head on the car window. She told police he would not give her her phone.

It only gets worse as the report goes on to state the incident continued at Crowley’s Fort Worth apartment, where she attempted to contact her parents on Facetime:

She said Manziel came back into the apartment, checked her computer, and realized she had tried to contact her parents.
“I was in my kitchen, so out of fear for my life, I pulled a knife out of my knife block and advanced toward him,” Crowley told police.
“He ran out of the apartment,” she said. When she saw him in the parking lot, she said she banged on a neighbor’s door and screamed for help. Manziel fled on foot, she told police.

For what it’s worth, Manziel has already denied any wrongdoings to TMZ, stating, “It didn’t happen.”
Mary Kay Cabot adds that both Dallas and Fort Worth Police have no designs on charging Manziel:

This is the second incident involving the two, as Manziel and Crowley were questioned back in October over a roadside argument.

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