Marcus Mariota At Pro Bowl, Pete Rose With Terann & Burt Reynolds Looking Good

Holy shit downtown San Francisco is shitshow
Of course I’d heard that S.F. was out of control. Of course I’d heard that downtown S.F. was a bastion for the liberal lifestyle. I guess that includes stepping out of the hotel & having a tranny asking us — Burns & Bellino, too — if we wanted to blow ‘him.’ That was at like 2:30 a.m. as we were heading to the iHeart S.F. studios to do live radio back to Ohio. Then, when we pulled up to the station, a bum got out of a dumpster for a trash truck, who was just doing his morning work. Other highlights include the trolley cars. Incredible. Love the hills. Love the trolley cars. I’ll probably ride the trolley cars at least 30-40 times over the next seven days.
Numbers from @SportsTaxMan:

Draymond Green has recorded 9 triple-doubles this season. The Knicks franchise has a total of 7 triple-doubles over the last 25 seasons.

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