Cardinals Superfan Gets Super Bowl 50 Tattoo


Screen shot 2016-01-21 at 10.36.26 AM

After Carson Palmer’s super shaky performance against the Packers, we assumed most Cardinals fans would enter Saturday’s NFC Championship game cautiously optimistic.

That’s not the case for superfan Jose Soberanes, who committed the classic cardinal sin of getting a premature team-themed Super Bowl tattoo before the big game:

That’s right. Cam Newton’s been dabbing on folks all season, but Jose is absolutely undeterred in his belief of the Cardinals going all the way:

Jose told Fox 10’s Marcy Jones that he knows fellow fans will be irked by the move, but he doesn’t care because he’ll be so happy when “they take it home.”

Oh, and he also knows a guy in the tattoo business who can make edits if he needs to.

Honestly, we think Jose fell a little short with his tattoo. If you’re really all-in on your team, you’re getting a Super Bowl 50 Championship tattoo — this one leaves room for error if his team beats the Panthers but loses the last game. There should be no outs.

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