Meet Manti Te’o’s Girlfriend – Jovi Nicole


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Manti Te’o has a girlfriend and the only thing fake about Instagram socialite Jovi Nicole might be her boobs. What do we know about Jovi? Very little. She’s been wearing a Te’o jersey for about the last 50 days or so, according to her Instagram uploads.

Manti has appeared on two videos with Jovi so this doesn’t appear to be some sort of one time deal. It really looks like this is a legit girlfriend.

It appears that Jovi Nicole used to be a fitness bodybuilder. She spent time competing in the NPC (National Physique Committee) back in 2013.

It also appears that Manti’s girlfriend has quite a collection of mugshots.

This mugshot was for a “Most Wanted” ad that ran in an Arizona newspaper back in 2009.

Jovi-Nicole-Mugshot Manti-Teo-Girlfriend-Mugshot Jovi-Nicole-Engbino-mugshot-34322815.400x800



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