Scumbag Michigan Fan and His Crew Wanted for Home Invasion


Committing a home invasion crime in the middle of the day is already a ballsy proposition. But to commit the crime while also rocking identifiable team gear? That’s just not smart.

Regardless of our thoughts, one Michigan fan — and his crew — in Inkster hopped into their Durango and did just that this week.

Scant details from WXYZ Detroit:

The Inkster Police Department is asking for your help identifying four suspects in a home invasion in the city.

According to police, the four suspects broke into a home before fleeing in a Dodge Durango.

We’re guessing Ohio State fans everywhere aren’t shocked at all about this.

Here’s the crew exiting the premises and not looking shady at all:


Before fleeing in their getaway Durango:


The Inkster Police would like to hear from you if you have information on these men.

[H/t to @PE9]

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