Pageviews Burns Old Man Obsessed With Groupon


It’s always a good time when Pageviews does some digging to craft her excellent Twitter burns on unsuspecting trolls. Don’t get us wrong, calling out someone’s profile picture will never get old, but making it a little personal takes things next level.

Some see it as childish, but how would you feel about old losers constantly criticizing your job? Probably not great!

Old Seahawks fan Patrick was on the receiving end of Pageviews’ wrath today after complaining about the Fox team:

@RixonPatrick why do we need to hear your blabbering now? Go tweet Groupon and complain more to them

— Erin Andrews (@ErinAndrews) January 14, 2016

Of course, you guys probably see Groupon and wonder what the **** is going on. A quick glance through Seahawks fan Patrick’s Twitter, and you discover some extreme anger:

@Groupon is a rip-off, I returned something I ordered that was not what was advertised and I only got half my money back

— Patrick Rixon (@RixonPatrick) October 14, 2015

Screen shot 2016-01-14 at 9.38.29 AM

[Erin Andrews- IG]