Dog At Ducks Game, Powerball Celebration & Scumbag Patriots Fan Robs Gas Station

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Didn’t win. That’s why I’m working right now. Let me address the celebration at the 7-Eleven last night in Chino Hills, CA. The news hits that one of the tickets was sold at the store. The neighborhood sprints to the store. News stations roll in, fire up the lights, shove a camera into faces and a celebration breaks out like the neighborhood just won the money. Annnnnnddddd….that’s why, if my ass won, I would go into a bunker and not come out for a week or so. You think these maniacs think they deserve a couple bucks since they’re from the neighborhood? Look, I’m all for idiots taking their kids out of bed to go celebrate a 7-Eleven. It’s great for content. That said, there’s no denying America is f–ked.

Numbers from @RJinVegas:

Powerball odds: 292.2 million to 1. Odds of being dealt SEVEN straight blackjacks: 1.88 billion to 1!

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