Blair Walsh Visits Kids Who Wrote Supportive Letters After He Choked Away The Vikings Season


Bless those little kids’ hearts, they’ve forgiven (for now) how Blair Walsh pulled a 27-yard field goal on Sunday, choking away the Vikings season. Of course the Minneapolis media is eating up the letter writing campaign the kids put together to tell Blair it’s OK and that life will be fine. That led to Blair going out of his way (his season’s over, he could be on a beach somewhere) to stop by the 1st graders’ school to thank them.

As a Bengals fan, let me just say that these kids might’ve made the biggest mistake of their lives forgiving Blair for the wide left. Kids, there’s this chance that the Vikings won’t win a playoff game for 25 years – or more. I barely remember the last time the Bengals won a playoff game and I 13. Do the math. Yeah, I’m old.

Blair Walsh and his holder just blew an easy trip to the divisional round. It’s possible you could be married with kids the next time the Vikings win a playoff game. Let me teach these 1st graders. That’s exactly the message I’d share with these kids: be careful forgiving that guy. This could haunt you for a very long time.

Blair making his grand entrance

Blair with more gifts

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