Lane Kiffin’s Offense Drops 45 On Clemson & Saban Leaves Him At the Stadium

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Think Saban cares about Lane Kiffin? HAHAHAHAHAHA. He’ll leave his ass at the Spaceship in Glendale even AFTER the offense drops 45 on Clemson to win Saban’s 5th national title and pretty much guarantee that he’ll go down as the great human to ever coach college football.

Saban doesn’t care. He needs to visit with a half-dozen 8-stars back at the hotel. Think he has time for Kiffin to chat with Bruce Feldman? Hell no he doesn’t. Move your ass, pretty boy.

The Alabama team buses aren't here anymore. Lane Kiffin is.

— College GameDay (@CollegeGameDay) January 12, 2016

“Will you stop that last bus?”

The struggle

After the Alabama team buses rolled out without him, Lane Kiffin rolled back into the stadium.

— George Schroeder (@GeorgeSchroeder) January 12, 2016