Buy the Playboy Mansion, Buy El Chapo Shirts & Ovechkin Buys Powerball Tix

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Here’s my plan tonight: no sports. I’m done for a couple days. Maybe done until Saturday. Burnt out. Tired. Too much. Mini-vacation. I might watch some House Hunters. HGTV DVRs. Backyard Renovations. Something. No ESPN. No FS1. No screaming on Fox or CNN. Just some calm, basic nonsense that doesn’t rattle my brain. Try it.

Buy the El Chapo button up shirts

Buy the Playboy Mansion – $200 million

Annnnnnd….new Charlotte McKinney pics for your CFP hangover

Ovechkin buys Powerball tickets

The huge Vegas $$$ swing on that final Clemson TD

Florida: This guy applied for Buccaneers coaching job, cites fantasy football experience

Kendall Jenner goes on a stroll for you losers

Meet Torayba from Colorado State 

Bama Tough Guy of 2016 Vine

Sandwich of the Day