Pittsburgh Mayor Busts Out Some White Boy Dance Moves At The Steelers Pep Rally


I love when cities rally around teams looking to make a playoff run because we always end up with politicians doing weird stuff. Either they’re making bets with other cities’ mayors, or dancing like our boy Bill Peduto here.

The Steelers had a pep rally in Pittsburgh yesterday and Bill did his best to be the cool mayor by hitting the dougie up on stage.

I don’t know why, but I just found this hilarious. Even though he looks like the whitest guy on planet earth who probably doesn’t even know the definition of rhythm, let alone have any, I still respect the fact that he went up there and made a fool of himself. He went up there and owned it. It’s about the Steelers right now, not his self esteem. If he has to get the crowd going by dancing in the name of the Steelers, then he has to do it.

Also, the evening news covered it but they won’t let me embed their videos. It has another angle of Bill cutting the rug.

Video: Steelers fan, Pittsburgh mayor doing the Dougie https://t.co/05h9ot3OPA pic.twitter.com/XJSSAtsLQD

— WTAE-TV Pittsburgh (@WTAE) January 8, 2016