Brian Urlacher’s New Hair, Ohio State Bank Robber & Karl Malone’s Squirrel

morning twitpics

Brian Urlacher has hair

This is what happens when the playoffs roll around in the NFL. Brian Urlacher casually rolls out a new head of hair on WGN — via the morning show in the city where the hair doctor operates — and dominates the news cycle. That will be the biggest story of the day…unless the Manziel blonde wig video comes out. This is exactly how the NFL dominates on a daily basis. It can be something so mundane like a guy having a full head of hair – BOOOOMMMMMM…it’ll be the lead story on sports talk radio in Scranton, PA to El Paso, TX.

Numbers from @RJinVegas:

NFC -1 vs AFC in Super Bowl (via ) – I like NFC. IMO, case can be made Carolina, Arizona, and Seattle better than any AFC team.

Can’t argue that. AFC teams are a mess. Patriots lost 4 of last 6. No way Peyton’s body will last two playoff games. AFC is wide open.