JJ Watt Ruined Every Popular Dance Of 2015 In 6 Seconds


JJ Watt is a good guy. He does a lot of charity work, he throws the ball with little kids before the game, he visits hospitals, and he buys pizza for policemen and firefighters. He’s everything you want as an role model NFL player.

But he’s also the token white guy. For as dominate as he is on the field, he’s as corny when it comes to pop culture phenomenons. He proved that today by celebrating a sack by trying (and ruining) every popular dance of the last year.

That’s “The Whip”, “The Nae Nae”, “The Dab”, and the newest dance “Ran Off On Da Plug Twice”, all ruined within 6 seconds by the lame white guy in the group of black friends.

As a collective, us white people just need to stay as far away as possible from these dances. Unless you’re Baker Mayfield, you’re going to look dumb and embarrass yourself.

JJ Watt is known for having a lack of self awareness, though.