Miko Grimes Destroys Ryan Tannehill

And…we have drama in Miami where Dolphins DB Brent Grimes’ wife, the fun crazy Miko Grimes, WENT OFF Sunday on Ryan Tannehill because she believes the Miami media is putting the 5-10 season blame on the defense. The Miami media — Miami reporter Armando Salguero — has retaliated with a very strong blog post and we officially have a Miko vs. the Media war.
Armando writes:

But the greater point is Mrs. Grimes sees some sort of conspiracy in the media over their coverage of the team’s quarterback versus their coverage of the team’s defense. And that leads to the question whether Brent Grimes also believes the team he plays on has different rules for the quarterback and different rules for defensive players.

Miko might have a point about not enough attention being given to Tannehill being a below-average QB. His QB rating is 87.1. Jameis Winston’s is 86.1. He’s been sacked 44 times. Of course the line can take some of that blame. He’s thrown 12 INTs.
Miko has her mind made up. She’s going on the attack.

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