Buy George Lynch’s 1967 Ford Mustang — $30,000 + on eBay

If there are any North Carolina basketball fans looking for some rare memorabilia this holiday season, look no further than George Lynch’s 1967 Ford Mustang, which is currently up for auction on eBay.
Lynch, of course, won the NCAA Title with the Tar Heels way back in 1993 before being one of the 2000 Philadelphia 76ers that Allen Iverson carried to the NBA Finals.
When all was said and done Lynch racked up over $27 million and appropriately rewarded himself with this custom Mustang.
Details from the seller:

“As a retirement present to himself, Lynch wanted to build an Eleanor Mustang( this was 2005 after all and the whole E-carthing was in full swing). Lynch reached out to Brian Dean at Ultimate Customs in Dulles, Virginia, for the build. Lynch actually played hoops with Brian’s little brother at Flint High School outside of Washington D.C. , and got to know the Dean family well. Dean had already built high end cars for Lynch over the years, matter of fact Lynch was Deans first customer. Living in Dallas ,Lynch got an eyeful of the Eleanor being built by Unique Performance and wanted to build one as a retirement gift to himself.

If you’re having reservations about dropping more than $30,000, here’s an additional video to sway you towards retail therapy:
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